Feeling Better... Simplified 

You’ve done all the research, you’ve tried all the things to improve your health, but you still aren’t feeling AMAZING yet.  

This is for you.

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I know what you’re going through!

Why? Because I was in the same place not so long ago!  

You’re a busy professional woman trying to keep it all together at the expense of your own personal health and wellness!

You’ve done your research on how to feel better but you find yourself even more overwhelmed and stressed out from information overload which causes you not to act.

You’ve tried everything that has worked for your friends but it didn’t work for you. Every diet. Every workout. EVERYTHING! And now you don't know if you’ll EVER feel better! You feel like you’ve hit rock bottom and you’re about to give up hope. 

You just want to be told WHAT you can do to get rid of your bloat and irritability! You want to be told HOW you can have more energy and feel amazing so you can go out and conquer the world!  

That's where I come in...

Together, we figure out your PERSONALIZED peak performance formula to get you on the road to recovery FAST and feeling the best you have EVER felt!

  • EmBody Snapshot

Before diving into the full experience, get a 60-90 minute call with me to go over what's holding you back, taking a deep dive into what has worked and not worked for you in the past and address the improvements you'd like to make in your health, This is where we'll highlight problem areas, get a feel for what your body is BEGGING for, and help you find simple solutions to improve your overall health. 

  • EmBody 360

This is where the real work happens. This 6 month mentorship with me is where we dive in deeper. We take it one step at a time to radically improve your health, from running specialized diagnostic labs to helping you figure out how to live healthier and happier in your own home. It's like having your own personal coach with you every step of the way. 

Who is this for?

This is for the busy woman who knows she needs a change, who's ready to commit to feeling better and is willing to step into her vibrant, healthy, and high energy self!

You Were Born for Greatness!

Somewhere along the way things started to happen. You’re not sure when you started to not feel like yourself but you do notice that things have definitely changed.  

You find yourself unable to handle the least amount of stress. You feel like you cannot cope when even the slightest thing goes wrong in your day. You feel at your breaking point multiple times a day and don’t know how everyone else can deal with the  

You wake up tired even after a good nights sleep. You’re living on caffeine just to get through the day. Your cravings are out of control and you find yourself looking for that instant energy boost from sugar. You fall into bed at night, wondering if this is normal.

You used to love exercising. You loved the natural high after a good workout but now it seems like moving your body in any way other than to and from your office chair is a feat in and of itself. You get tired from just thinking of working out and not sure how this all happened.

You cannot lose weight. You have tried everything! Your have had a number of blood tests looking at your female hormones as well as your thyroid but everything is “normal!” There has to be a solution but you’re running out of ideas.

And this constipation and daily bloat must be a normal part of aging, right? Because as you get older, you’re experiencing it more and more. And the brain fog and lack of focus must also be an issue when you get older because it feels like it is getting worse with every passing day.

And you’ve tried to seek help but keep getting told that this is “normal!” Things change as you get older. Things are not quite the same after you have kids. Does this sound familiar?

I am here to tell you that this is NOT NORMAL. And you DO NOT have to live the rest of your life like this! You were made for more. And I’m here to help you get there!

Work with Dr. Renee

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Meet Dr. Renee

Dr. Renee received a Bachelor’s of Science degree with a major in Biology from Siena College in 1995. She then received her medical degree (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) from New York College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1999. She completed her Ob/Gyn residency at Danbury Hospital and practiced in both private and hospital based Ob/Gyn practices in Norwalk, CT from 2003-2008.  

She practiced Ob/Gyn at Bassett Medical Center from 2008-2014. She completed her fellowship in Functional Medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging (affiliated with University of South Florida) in 2015. She worked in a private functional medicine practice from 2014-2018. She has a medical license in New York.  

Dr. Renee founded Kaspira Elite Health Consulting, LLC in August 2019 and enjoys helping busy professional women up-level their health and wellness through personalized 1:1 functional medicine consulting.